Join us for a morning on living better, with an evening of reflection on the lessons taught to us by modern life




Join us for a morning on the latest thinking on our planet at the beautiful Chiswick House & Gardens as we ask: how can we live more simply, more sustainably, and better together? With edge-of-your-seat, inspiring and hopeful stories from communities around the world from Britain's most beloved travel and nature presenters. Enjoy conversations and debates with Simon Reeve; Julia Bradbury and Chris Packham on modern-day wellbeing from brilliant minds. Alongside practical tools, workshops, and a wellbeing marketplace offering a fresh perspective on how to live a happier, healthier, and more inspired life.




Join us for an outrageously funny star-studded afternoon of fringes, fake tan, and female empowerment with Claudia Winkleman & Yomi Adegoke, Pandora Sykes & Jess Phillips MP, and Prof. Christie Watson. Join us this July at the beautiful Chiswick House & Gardens for frank and fearless conversations with these four fierce and funny women as they discuss the little and large things of life. Together they will reflect on the lessons taught to us by modern life as we ask: what does it take to be a modern woman? How do we know if we’re doing it right? Alongside practical tools, workshops, and a marketplace offering a fresh perspective on how to live a happier, healthier, and more inspired life.

Each ticket includes a copy of "Quite" by Claudia Winkleman.




Browse our beautiful Marketplace and take a look at products and services from a carefully selected range of no-nonsense wellness brands. This is a strictly fad-free zone.



Life Lessons' new open-air setting is the grounds of the magnificent 18th century villa, Chiswick House & Gardens, west London. Only 15 minutes by tube from Central London.



Included within your ticket, you will also have access to some unique workshops, giving practical tools to help you live better.


Julia Bradbury

Julia Bradbury

Julia Bradbury is a television presenter and outdoor walking enthusiast who has dedicated her career to sharing beautiful walks from all over the world. Passionate about conservation, she’s an eco-activist promoting a plastic-free environment.
Chris Packham

Chris Packham

Extraordinarily creative and prolific, Chris Packham has led a remarkable life. He’s gained recognition as a naturalist, television presenter, writer, photographer, conservationist, campaigner and filmmaker. As a broadcaster, he is a presenter of BBC’s BAFTA Award-winning Springwatch, Autumnwatch and Winterwatch series. He presents notable natural history series such as Nature’s Weirdest Events, World’s Weirdest Events, World’s Sneakiest Animals, Cats V Dogs, The Burrowers, Inside the Animal Mind, Operation Iceberg and Secrets of our Living Planet. Co-Author of Back To Nature: how to love life - and save it with Megan McCubin
Simon Reeve

Simon Reeve

Arrested by the KGB, chased by cheetahs, hunting with the Bushmen of the Kalahari…Simon Reeve has lived quite a life. He’s the leading adventure traveller on British Television, travelling and filming in 120 countries, including many of the most beautiful, remote and dangerous parts of the planet. Simon’s also the New York Times bestselling author of more than six books. After a misspent youth he left school with no real qualifications and went on the dole - but went on to change his life, overcome his fears, and present over 20 TV series. Author of Step by Step: The Life In My Journeys Both an inspiring account of determination and adventuring spirit, and a field guide to some of the most remote, perilous and awesome terrain on Earth, Step by Step is Simon Reeve’s record of the thrills and challenges of his many and varied travels.


Claudia Winkleman

Claudia Winkleman

TV presenter, radio personality, journalist, and co-host of Strictly Come Dancing. Author of Quite.
Pandora Sykes

Pandora Sykes

Pandora Sykes is a journalist and broadcaster. She has written for the Sunday Times, Vogue, ELLE and the Telegraph amongst other publications, and was the co-host of The High Low, the UK's No.1 podcast for women. She lives in London. This is her first book. Author of How Do We Know We’re Doing It Right?: essays on modern life
Prof. Christie Watson

Prof. Christie Watson

Christie Watson is a writer and Professor of Medical and Health Humanities. She is Patron of the Royal College of Nursing Foundation. Tiny Sunbirds Far Away, won the Costa First Novel Award and along with her second novel, Where Women Are Kings, was widely translated and achieved international critical acclaim. The Language of Kindness, published in 2018, was a number one Sunday Times bestseller and Book of the Year in the Evening Standard, Guardian, i, New Statesman, the Sunday Times and The Times. It has been translated into 23 languages, and adapted for theatre. Author of The Courage to Care: a call for compassion
Jess Phillips MP

Jess Phillips MP

Jess Phillips was first elected as the Labour MP for Birmingham Yardley in 2015 and was elected chair of the Women’s Parliamentary Labour Party in September 2016. Before becoming an MP, she worked with victims of domestic violence, sexual violence and human trafficking, and she continues to speak up on behalf of those who struggle to have their voice heard. Jess lives with her husband and two sons in Birmingham, where she was born and raised.
Yomi Adegoke

Yomi Adegoke

Yomi Adegoke is a multi-award winning journalist, presenter and social commentator best known for Slay In Your Lane: The Black Girl Bible which she co-authored in 2018.




Life lessons from walking in nature with Julia Bradbury

One of the UK’s most loved TV presenters joins Life Lessons for a conversation about nature, mental health and conservation.



Back to nature with Chris Packham

One of the UK’s most beloved naturalists, Chris Packham, joins life lessons to discuss conservationism, eco-activism and the little things we can do in our everyday lives to protect nature and wildlife.



Step by Step: lessons from journeys around the world with Simon Reeve

From life on the dole, to a TV presenter with over 20 series and more than 120 countries under his belt, Simon Reeve’s personal story is one of an extraordinary climb out of adversity. But his travels around the world have taught him much about community, climate change and what it means to be human. Join him for this fireside chat as he reflects on some of the greatest life lessons he’s learned in his career thus far.




The Courage to Care: Nurses, Families and Hope with Prof. Christie Watson

We’ve clanged our pans for them, but do we really know the extent of what nurses do? From the nurses in the community, care-homes, military, schools and more? And how much courage it takes to care?

Bestselling author and nurse of over 20 years, Christie Watson, shares her insights into the strength of the human heart in this moving and inspirational conversation.



How Do We Know We’re Doing It Right? With Pandora Sykes & Jess Phillips MP

Modern life is full of choices. And the pressures facing 30-something women today - often generation rent, balancing motherhood and work (including all those childcare costs) can be eye-watering.  You’re interested in the world and want to do your bit – but how do you engage in everyday activism without burning out? And if you’re inside politics, how do you move it?  Is it possible to be one's 'best' and 'authentic' self – and do we even know what that looks like?  What if we get it wrong?  And what if we don’t know how to help those around us who are getting it wrong too? 

Join journalist, author and one half of the phenomenon, The High Low, Pandora Sykes; and the Labour MP, activist and all-round epic human, Jess Phillips, as they explore the questions, anxieties and agendas that consume our modern lives.

How Do We Know We’re Doing It Right?: essays on modern life by Pandora Sykes. Published May 2021, RRP £8.99

Everything You Really Need to Know About Politics: My Life as an MP by Jess Phillips.  Published 22nd July 2021, RRP £16.99



Life lessons from a career in showbiz with Claudia Winkleman & Yomi Adegoke

Friendship, family and the little things in life that help us get through the day… Join the nation’s beloved broadcaster, Claudia Winkleman, as she shares some of the heartfelt (and completely irreverent) lessons she’s learned from her career in showbiz and life thus far.


The Venue

Chiswick House & Gardens

Life Lessons' new open-air setting is in the grounds of the magnificent 18th century villa, Chiswick House & Gardens, west London. Only 15 minutes by tube from Central London.



Life Lessons has changed the way I’m going to do my events. I’ve been to so many talks here and they’re fantastic. I’m so grateful. I’d love to do more work with you

Ruby Wax


I had a wonderful time at Life Lessons – even better than I expected, and I was expecting a lot. All the visitors I spoke to told me they'd had a fantastic day.

Bill Bryson


Life Lessons is a great idea. It feels like there’s not enough of it. I would like to think that this is the start of a sea-change I guess. In that it’s something going forward that people realise needs to be part of our everyday thinking.

Romesh Ranganathan


To enable us to comply with the government's latest COVID19 guidelines, the weekend will be split into timed sessions. We are currently offering 2 sessions per day: morning, afternoon or evening (depending on which day you choose to attend). Tickets for each session will include 3 talks on our main stage, a book by one of our speakers and access to the rest of the festival. 

Friday 16th July 

  • Afternoon session, opens at 1pm, closes at 5pm (last entry 4pm)
  • Evening session, opens at 6pm, closes at 9:30pm (last entry 8:30pm)

Saturday 17th July

  • Afternoon session, opens at 1pm, closes at 5pm (last entry 4pm)
  • Evening session, opens at 6pm, closes at 9:30pm (last entry 8:30pm)

Sunday 18th July

  • Morning session, opens at 10am, closes at 1:30pm (last entry 12:30pm)
  • Afternoon session, opens at 2:30pm, closes at 6pm (last entry 5pm)

The Timetable is correct at time of publishing and is subject to change. Additional speakers and/or sessions may be added at a later date.

Tickets for each session will include 3 talks on our main stage, a book by one of our speakers and access to the rest of the festival. 

STANDARD tickets include - entry to one session which includes 3 talks on our main stage, a book by one of the speakers and access to the festival site where you'll find our exhibitor marketplace, workshops and delicious food and drink offering. 

PREMIUM tickets include - all of the above, plus an additional book and premium viewing of the main stage. 

The book(s) included in your ticket will be available to collect at the event.

Standard Ticket Holders

Standard ticket holders will receive the following book corresponding with the session they are attending. 

  • Friday Afternoon Session: Feel Great, Lose Weight: Long term, simple habits for lasting and sustainable weight loss by Dr Rangan Chatterjee
  • Friday Evening Session: And Now For The Good News...: The much needed tonic for our frazzled world by Ruby Wax
  • Saturday Morning Session: Rebuild: How to thrive in the new Kindness Economy by Mary Portas
  • Saturday Evening Session: Universal by Prof Brian Cox
  • Sunday Morning Session: Step by Step: The Life In My Journeys by Simon Reeve
  • Sunday Afternoon Session: Quite by Claudia Winkleman

Premium Ticket Holders

Premium ticket holders will receive an additional book from the below depending on the session that they are attending. 

  • Friday Afternoon Session: Plant Based Diet Revolution by Dr Alan Desmond
  • Friday Afternoon Session: How to Build A Healthy Brain by Kimberley Wilson
  • Saturday Afternoon Session: Brown Baby: A memoir of race, family and home by Nikesh Shukla 
  • Saturday Evening Session: Vaxxers: the inside story of the Oxford vaccine and the race against the virus by Professor Sarah Gilbert and Dr Catherine Green
  • Sunday Morning Session: Back to Nature: How to love life - and save it by Chris Packham and Megan McCubin
  • Sunday Afternoon Session: TBC

You will receive a confirmation email with your booking immediately after purchase. Your tickets will be sent to you via email for you to print at home in the week prior to the event taking place. Please print out all the pages of the e-ticket and bring them with you to gain entry to the event. 

Alternatively, you may present your e-ticket on your mobile device (please download it to your device in advance as mobile connectivity strength differs in some venues). 

Each ticket is only valid for admission once and should not be duplicated.

We are continually monitoring Government guidelines and in the unlikely event that we do cancel the event do to COVID19, we will provide a full refund, inclusive of booking and transaction fees, within 5-7 days of notifying you. 

If you have symptoms or need to self-isolate following a positive test for COVID19 or have been asked to do so by NHS Track & Trace we will issue you a refund for some or all of your tickets, as required, but we must receive notification by 10am on the day that you are due to attend -

If you are unable to travel to the event due to a local Lockdown, we will issue you a full refund.

The festival is committed to ensuring it is an event that everyone can attend. Our full access policy will be published nearer the event. 

There will be wheelchair accessible toilets located throughout the festival site. 

If you have any questions please email

All disabled visitors attending Life Lessons on a paid for ticket are entitled to bring one carer free of charge. 

To apply for a carer ticket, please email with your order reference number and proof of disability, i.e. that you are in receipt of the middle or higher rate care component of the disability living allowance (DLA) or personal independence payment (PIP). Once agreed a free carer's ticket will be added to your order and will be sent to you along with your other tickets. 

Due to the adult nature of some of our lessons, no one under the age of 14 is permitted to attend this event. Children aged between 14 and 16 must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18 years.

For all press enquiries please contact our marketing team on

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